Cement Testing Equipment

Drilling Fluid and Cement Testing Instrumentation

• Density Measurement (Mud Balance and Hydrometer)
• Viscosity Measurement (Viscometers, Rheometers, Accessories and Calibration Kits)
• High Temp./High Press. Visometers, (Laboratorium Equipment)
• Filtration Systems, Single and Multiple Filterpress, HPHT Filterpress
• Sand Content Sets
• Water, Oil & Solids Analysis Systems
• Chemical Analysis and PH-measuring Systems
• EP-Stability Tester, Lubricity and Sticking Tester
• Roller Ovens,
• Blenders and Mixers
• complete portable Field Kits
• Calibration Systems, Laboratorium Accessories (Glasware and Components)
• Spare Parts and Repair Service as well as recalibration


Cement and Fluid additives / Oilfield Polymers

• Polytrol FL,  Fluid loss reducer –                               Cementing (.pdf)
• Melcret K3F,  Liquiment 1641 F ,  dispersant          Cementing (.pdf)
• Polydrill,           Fluid loss reducer                               Drilling (.pdf)
• Polythin,          clay deflocculatn                                 Drilling (.pdf)
• Xanthan Gum                                                                 Drilling (.pdf)


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