about us

R.O.T. Reimann Oil Tools was formed in 2004 to assist the Central European Oil

and Gas industry as well as geothermal projects. R.O.T. represent and supply equipment and

technology from well known international manufacturers specialized since many years in the oil and gas business.


R.O.T. activities started in a home office, but fast acceptance of our products and the

companies we represent, R.O.T. had to move into a bigger office.

Dieter Reimann,  the Managing Director of R.O.T. started already in 1978 his work

in the European oil and gas business. His personal relationship to various customers in connection  

with the trust after more than 25 years of experience in the business are major points why R.O.T.

is accepted to the market in short time.  


Exactly after one year of business, in June 2005 a new company, the
R.O.T. Reimann Oil Tools Ltd. & Co. KG was formed.   


We understand not only to supply equipment to the customers they are looking for, our main target is to provide our clients with the best equipment and services. Their (your) special requirements and applications are commitment for us to do the best.


It's our aim and goal to continue and expand our relationship with our partners to keep our clients satisfied and happy with the service we provide, the quality of our products, competitive pricing and the after sales service on products we delivered.


Ask us for PRODUCTS (not only from the Product list), SERVICE (measuring/sampling and others)

as well as REPAIR on existing Systems and DESIGN and MANUFACTURING for new products

and special parts and units you may need.


Our qualified PARTNERS will be happy to assist you as well.

Dieter Reimann


REIMANN OIL-TOOLS • Scharnebecker Str. 43A • D-21382 BRIETLINGEN • +49(0)4133-22 54 944
Your Partner for Sampling Systems, Measuring Systems, Down Hole Tools, Pressure Control Equipment, Drilling Instrumentation, Cement Testing Equipment