Drilling Fluid and Cement Testing Instrumentation

• Density Measurement (Mud Balance and Hydrometer)
 Viscosity Measurement (Viscometers, Rheometers, Accessories and Calibration Kits)
High Temp./High Press. Visometers, (Laboratorium Equipment)
Filtration Systems, Single and Multiple Filterpress, HPHT Filterpress
Sand Content Sets
Water, Oil & Solids Analysis Systems
Chemical Analysis and PH-measuring Systems
EP-Stability Tester, Lubricity and Sticking Tester
Roller Ovens,
Blenders and Mixers
complete portable Field Kits
Calibration Systems, Laboratorium Accessories (Glasware and Components)
Spare Parts and Repair Service as well as recalibration


Cement and Fluid additives / Oilfield Polymers

• Polytrol FL,  Fluid loss reducer –                               Cementing (.pdf)
Melcret K3F,  Liquiment 1641 F ,  dispersant          Cementing (.pdf)
Polydrill,           Fluid loss reducer                               Drilling (.pdf)
Polythin,          clay deflocculatn                                  Drilling (.pdf)
viscosifier                                                                         Drilling (.pdf)
Xanthan Gum                                                                   Drilling (.pdf)


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