Pressure Control Equipments

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

-         Single to Tripple Manual and Hydraulic Wireline Valves

-         Wellhead Flange Adapters and Caps

-         Wireline Valves optional Accessories

-         Tool Traps, Tool Catchers, Pump-In-Tees

-         Chemical Injection & Liquid Chamber Subs

-         Side Entry Fishing Branch Sub

-         Conventional Lubricators & Risers

-         Lightweight Lubricators

-         Manual & Hydraulic Stuffing Boxes , Accessories

-         Grease Injection Control Heads

-         Hydraulic Line Wipers and Swabbing Heads

-         Quick Unions, Pressure Test Caps, Lifting Test Cap

-         Quick Union Crossover and Adapters

-         Slickline Hay Pulley and Line Wipers

-         Floor Stands and Rig-up Dollies

Wireline Clamps, Ball Valves and Hand Pumps


Measuring Trucks, Wireline Units Powerpacks


-         Single and Double Drum Wireline Units (Slickline)

-         Trailer or Truck Mounted Units (customized)

-         Power Units and Grease Injection Systems

-         Complete Slickline and Wireline Trucks

-         Spooling Systems, Counter Systems and Accessories



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