Down Hole Tools

Wireline Service Down Hole Tools & Accessories


Slickline Rope Sockets, Multi-Strand and Single Line

Impression Blocks, Gauge Cutters

Wireline Retriever

Wire Finder

Wire Grabs

Go-Devil, Wireline Cutters

Sand Bailer and Hydrostatic Bailer

Shock Absorbers

Wireline Brush/Scratcher

Centralizer and Magnets

Tubular Wireline Jar

Hydraulic and Mechanical Jars

Roller Stem and Lead Filed Stem, Wireline Stem

Wireline Accelerators

GU Adapter

G.S. Pulling Tool

G.R. Pulling Tool

BE   Pulling Tool

BB, JD , JU, R, S and PRS Pulling Tools

Self Realease Shift Tools

Sample Bailer

Tubing End Locator

Centralizers, Knuckle Joints,

Heavy Duty Swivel  Joints

Lead Impression Blocks

Blind Boxes

Overshot and Fishing Tools

Tubing Perforator

Coiled Tubing Tools

Slickline, Wire Std. API Type, SST, and for H2S/CO2 Service all Standard diameters

Electromechanical Oilfield cable for Permanent Installation, On-line Measurering and Logging application

Perforation Equipment, Explosives DYNAenergetics


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