Measurment Systems
Memory Gauges

Symbio Tec The Revolutionary Modular System

consiting of

  • Pressure Pilots:             for 750 PSI to 20.000 PSI, 120°C, 150°C and 177°C(press & temp.)
  • Temperature Pilots:       for  150°C and 177°C (recording temp. only, fast respond)
  • Memory Capacity:       500.000 records
  • Material :                     Stainless Steel, Inconell 718 and  Hastelloy
  • Batteries:                      running on AA-Size, C-Size and double C-size batteries with  diff. Temp. ranges
  • Features                       Zero Maintenance, interchangeable sensors, economical due to low power consumption
  • Applications:                Reservoir Testing, Well Stimulation, Gradient Surveys
  • Dimensions:                 Housing OD 1 1/4"(32mm), length with battery housing 12 " (approw. 3.048 mm)

Note: Hot shot pilot carrier for 200°C available


Slimeline and other Memory Gauges

  • Slimline III   O.D. 3/4", up to 10.000 PSI  and 120°C, 150°C and 177°C,  AA-Cell only
  • Slimline III   O.D. 7/8"  up to 15.000 PSI or 20.000 PSI, same temperature rates, AA-Cell only
  • Quick Tool   O.D. 1.25", length 12.05" or 13.25 ", 10.000 PSI, 120°C,150°C and 177°C, 10 samples per second
  • Shortline III O.D. 1.25", length 8" only,  up to 20.000 PSI,120°C,150°C amd 177°C, C-and AA-Size batteries 
  • LaBomba      O.D. 1.66", length 11.30", up to 20.000 PSI, 120°C, 150°C and 177°C, D-size battery, running time up to 2 years
  • Strainer Nipple Tool  O.D. 1.66", length 10,44" (without) and 34,44" (with) strainer, 150°C, 1.000.000 Data points
  • Shut-In Tool    for 2 3/8 and 3 1/2", multiple shut in tool, minimal flow through restriction, 10.000 PSI, 177°C
  • Flat Pack/Carrier Tool  designed for up to 20.000 PSI, 177°C for Well Testing, Stimulation, full bore flow
  • Temperature Tool   O.D. 1.25" shortline version , fast respond tool up to 1.000.000 Data records and 177°C
  • Temperature Tool   O.D.  0.75" slimline version, fast respond tool up to 1.000.000 Data records and 177°C 

Mini Logging Tool (MLT)

designed with  3 Sensors to provide accurate and relevant correlate data on pressure, temperature and depth.

additonal equipped with

  • a platinium Resistant temperature Detector(RTD), fast respond
  • a electromagnetic collar Locator
  • spinner flow meter/full bore flowmeter
  • capacity 1.500.000 Data records
  • software included


  • Slickline operation
  • Gas Lift Diagnosis & Optimization
  • Leak Detection
  • Pressure Transient Data Acquisition

Quartz Tech II, Memory Gauges

  • pressure ranges :  from 5.000 to 20.000 PSI
  • temperature ranges : from 25°C to 150°C and 177°C
  • Outside dia.:   1 1/4",  length approx. 26"
  • Hybrid technology
  • Sample intervals from 1 second to 1 hour
  • Capacity :  500.000 records
  • Source:  2 C-Cell lithium batteries  

Note: for each of our Gauges separate Data Sheets are available as a PDF File



SUBWORKS continuous downhole data acquisition System

The primary focus of Subwork is singl point pressure and temperature monitoring, with an emphasis on turnkey solutions.

Providing a complete turnkey solution, Subwork manufactures all completion elements, producing wire, sensors, RTU´S, splieces, cable clamps surface terminatiors and surface electronics.

Possible units of our Systems, details can be downloaded

Downhole Sensors

  • M3 - Low Temperature continius Monitoring Tool,  5000 PSI, less than 85 °C, (Monitoring,Optimization,Fluid Level, Build up test)
  • M5 - Standard Range Monitoring Tool, 15.000 PSI and 150°C, (same application than the M3)
  • M7 - Permanent Quartz Sensor, 5000-20.000 PSIand 25-150°C(high accuracy)(same applications)

Surface Sensors    for Well monitoring, Gas line and Pipeline  Monitoring, Well Testing

  • Sprite  Temperature Sensor up to 85°C, dia. 7/8" length 9", Sensor Platinium RTD, Power 12V DC
  • Sprite  Pressure Sensors up to 5.000 PSI, dia 7/8", length 6", -40 to +70°C temp. range


Welded carriers or Unibody Carriers are available


Sensor cablehead for tube wire and braided line available


Serives V Splices are ideal for connecting separate splieces of tube wire in the wellbore 

available for 1/4" and 1/8" tube wires

Cable Protectors

  • Cable protector shields  availabel for tube wire and braided line cable.
  • Material: S31600 or G41400, tubing size and wire style required.

Surface Termination

The Wellhead Feedthrough allows completion tube wireto eit the wellhead while maintaining pressure integrity and site safety.

  • available for 1/8",  1/4" tube wire or Mono conductor with packing seal.
  • Pressure up to 10.000 PSI and 150°C
  • Thread connection 1/2" NPT
  • length with junction box: 15"

DINLine Series, an overview on the  available  Components due to different aplivations

The DINline series includes the

  • DINLine Downhole Telemetry Unit (interface between Gauge and Surface unit) up to 8.000 meter
  • DINLine Memory Recorder, series Modbus SD Memory Card recorder using RTU protocol
  • DINLine Display, Modbus Display for Pressure and Temperature, RTU Protocol
  • DINLine Bridge, combines adn controls a network of SubWorks DINLine devices
  • DINLine Transmitter, Modbus analog signal tranmitter,  combined with  Modbus Bridge and Telemetry = 4-20mA output< /FONT >
  • Various modbus Rackmount systems are available, design, size depends on application   


Our Engineering staff work directly with our highly skilled machinists .  A fully automated calibration lab with the DHI Calibration System for highest standard guarantees always better accuracy than shown on our brochures. These datas are the minimum we confirm !



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