Measurment Systems
Memory Gauges

Symbio Tec The Revolutionary Modular System

consiting of

  • Pressure Pilots:             for 750 PSI to 20.000 PSI, 120C, 150C and 177C(press & temp.)
  • Temperature Pilots:       for  150C and 177C (recording temp. only, fast respond)
  • Memory Capacity:       500.000 records
  • Material :                     Stainless Steel, Inconell 718 and  Hastelloy
  • Batteries:                      running on AA-Size, C-Size and double C-size batteries with  diff. Temp. ranges
  • Features                       Zero Maintenance, interchangeable sensors, economical due to low power consumption
  • Applications:                Reservoir Testing, Well Stimulation, Gradient Surveys
  • Dimensions:                 Housing OD 1 1/4"(32mm), length with battery housing 12 " (approw. 3.048 mm)

Note: Hot shot pilot carrier for 200C available


Slimeline and other Memory Gauges

  • Slimline III   O.D. 3/4", up to 10.000 PSI  and 120C, 150C and 177C,  AA-Cell only
  • Slimline III   O.D. 7/8"  up to 15.000 PSI or 20.000 PSI, same temperature rates, AA-Cell only
  • Quick Tool   O.D. 1.25", length 12.05" or 13.25 ", 10.000 PSI, 120C,150C and 177C, 10 samples per second
  • Shortline III O.D. 1.25", length 8" only,  up to 20.000 PSI,120C,150C amd 177C, C-and AA-Size batteries 
  • LaBomba      O.D. 1.66", length 11.30", up to 20.000 PSI, 120C, 150C and 177C, D-size battery, running time up to 2 years
  • Strainer Nipple Tool  O.D. 1.66", length 10,44" (without) and 34,44" (with) strainer, 150C, 1.000.000 Data points
  • Shut-In Tool    for 2 3/8 and 3 1/2", multiple shut in tool, minimal flow through restriction, 10.000 PSI, 177C
  • Flat Pack/Carrier Tool  designed for up to 20.000 PSI, 177C for Well Testing, Stimulation, full bore flow
  • Temperature Tool   O.D. 1.25" shortline version , fast respond tool up to 1.000.000 Data records and 177C
  • Temperature Tool   O.D.  0.75" slimline version, fast respond tool up to 1.000.000 Data records and 177C 

Mini Logging Tool (MLT)

designed with  3 Sensors to provide accurate and relevant correlate data on pressure, temperature and depth.

additonal equipped with

  • a platinium Resistant temperature Detector(RTD), fast respond
  • a electromagnetic collar Locator
  • spinner flow meter/full bore flowmeter
  • capacity 1.500.000 Data records
  • software included


  • Slickline operation
  • Gas Lift Diagnosis & Optimization
  • Leak Detection
  • Pressure Transient Data Acquisition

Quartz Tech II, Memory Gauges

  • pressure ranges :  from 5.000 to 20.000 PSI
  • temperature ranges : from 25C to 150C and 177C
  • Outside dia.:   1 1/4",  length approx. 26"
  • Hybrid technology
  • Sample intervals from 1 second to 1 hour
  • Capacity :  500.000 records
  • Source:  2 C-Cell lithium batteries  

Note: for each of our Gauges separate Data Sheets are available as a PDF File



SUBWORKS continuous downhole data acquisition System

The primary focus of Subwork is singl point pressure and temperature monitoring, with an emphasis on turnkey solutions.

Providing a complete turnkey solution, Subwork manufactures all completion elements, producing wire, sensors, RTUS, splieces, cable clamps surface terminatiors and surface electronics.

Possible units of our Systems, details can be downloaded

Downhole Sensors

  • M3 - Low Temperature continius Monitoring Tool,  5000 PSI, less than 85 C, (Monitoring,Optimization,Fluid Level, Build up test)
  • M5 - Standard Range Monitoring Tool, 15.000 PSI and 150C, (same application than the M3)
  • M7 - Permanent Quartz Sensor, 5000-20.000 PSIand 25-150C(high accuracy)(same applications)

Surface Sensors    for Well monitoring, Gas line and Pipeline  Monitoring, Well Testing

  • Sprite  Temperature Sensor up to 85C, dia. 7/8" length 9", Sensor Platinium RTD, Power 12V DC
  • Sprite  Pressure Sensors up to 5.000 PSI, dia 7/8", length 6", -40 to +70C temp. range


Welded carriers or Unibody Carriers are available


Sensor cablehead for tube wire and braided line available


Serives V Splices are ideal for connecting separate splieces of tube wire in the wellbore 

available for 1/4" and 1/8" tube wires

Cable Protectors

  • Cable protector shields  availabel for tube wire and braided line cable.
  • Material: S31600 or G41400, tubing size and wire style required.

Surface Termination

The Wellhead Feedthrough allows completion tube wireto eit the wellhead while maintaining pressure integrity and site safety.

  • available for 1/8",  1/4" tube wire or Mono conductor with packing seal.
  • Pressure up to 10.000 PSI and 150C
  • Thread connection 1/2" NPT
  • length with junction box: 15"

DINLine Series, an overview on the  available  Components due to different aplivations

The DINline series includes the

  • DINLine Downhole Telemetry Unit (interface between Gauge and Surface unit) up to 8.000 meter
  • DINLine Memory Recorder, series Modbus SD Memory Card recorder using RTU protocol
  • DINLine Display, Modbus Display for Pressure and Temperature, RTU Protocol
  • DINLine Bridge, combines adn controls a network of SubWorks DINLine devices
  • DINLine Transmitter, Modbus analog signal tranmitter,  combined with  Modbus Bridge and Telemetry = 4-20mA output< /FONT >
  • Various modbus Rackmount systems are available, design, size depends on application   


Our Engineering staff work directly with our highly skilled machinists .  A fully automated calibration lab with the DHI Calibration System for highest standard guarantees always better accuracy than shown on our brochures. These datas are the minimum we confirm !



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